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Stop Collection Action

Having your phone constantly ring, getting unwanted visits and receiving a pile of mail from a collection agency can be very overwhelming. If you owe money or cannot pay off your debt, you may be experiencing this situation. DDF Karzafree Credit can assist you in creating a tailored plan to pay off your debt, ultimately getting the collection agencies to stop harassing you.

The Law

In Ontario, the law requires that collection agencies are registered with the Government of Ontario, and they must follow the Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act.

Certain rules and regulations must be followed by the collection agencies such as:

The collection agency must contact you via a hardcopy written notice sent in the mail.  The notice must include specific information such as the name of the individual or business that owes them money, the amount that is due and the name of the collection agency and a statement.
The collection agency must wait six days before contacting you by phone or in person.

After the second method of contact, the collection agency cannot contact you over three times in a seven day period without your consent.

The information stated above contains only a few sections of the laws that protect you and are required to be followed by collection agents. Contact us today so we can thoroughly explain your rights and help you get rid of your debt.

Strategies for Managing Collection Agents:


Being harassed by collection call agencies can be a severely stressful experience.  If you are unable to pay your debts, contact us so we can help you find a solution and regain the control in your life.

Our team consists of highly qualified and knowledgeable experts. We are aware of the laws directed to collection agencies, and will do everything in our power to protect you.

We have been able to successfully resolve our clients’ debt issues without having to file bankruptcy.  Contact us today by email or phone to get a professional, trusted and considerate consultation. We will review your situation with urgency and you can be assured that your information will remain confidential.

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