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Debt Freedom

We understand the hardships associated with debt. We work solely for the interest of the debtor under the legal statutes that govern their case. DDF Karzafree Credit's programs are tailor-made to solve your specific financial problems.

The programs provided by DDF Karzafree Credit are ethical and legal. They are governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA). The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act is a statute that provides a legal outline for individuals or businesses struggling to pay off their debts.

Our programs help protect you. Once you are freed from your debt, creditors will not be able to pursue you for money. However, if you are not protected legally, any creditor can continue the case from where it was left off.

Our programs include consolidating multiple debts, paying lower installments over a longer period of time and much more.

The Consumer Proposals, Division 1 proposals and bankruptcies, allow individuals, partners, proprietors and corporations to jointly file for two or more debtors carrying substantially joint debts.

DDF Karzafree Credit assesses your creditors, debts, income, assets, transactions and the cause of your debt. Our initial appointment is free and completely confidential. Our purpose is to serve you in finding the best solution that will help you become and stay debt free in the future.

We continue to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about the laws governing insolvency cases, in addition to Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws. Credit Counseling in accordance with the BIA statutes is also one of our main areas of expertise. Our counseling process includes determining the cause of the insolvency and helping our clients find a solution to prevent future recurrence.