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Credit History Recovery

A bad credit history will follow you for years and can severely impact the activities that you may try to do in the future such as getting approval for a new loan, trying to rent out a living space or applying for a mortgage.

Creditors decide whether you are qualified to receive more credit by viewing your credit profile and reports. They are also able to review whether the debt load you may be carrying is manageable for you, thereby improving, restricting or continuing the credit terms you have with them.

Your credit history can largely impact your job search as well. Security and reputation sensitive industries such as banking, policing, accounting and financial investment firms, typically request to view your credit history before hiring. Credit history shadows you almost everywhere, which is why striving to maintain a good credit profile is crucial.

Credit-reporting agencies, also known as credit bureaus, create a credit history for you in which they collect borrowing and repayment data from your lenders. When you apply for a new loan or credit, the potential creditor will contact one of these agencies and determine whether you are suitable to receive one. Having a good credit rating will include its benefits such as low interest rates.

You have the right to view your credit report. There are two major credit-reporting agencies in Canada, Equifax and Trans Union Canada, who compile your credit report based on your history. The credit reports are managed by the Credit bureaus under strict observance by the Credit Reporting Act. Your credit rating and scores on your report are based on the formulae specified by the Act. If there is an error on the report, you can indicate that through a form accompanied by a report.

To order a copy of your credit history, you can visit or If you order it online you will have to pay a minimal fee, however, if you visit the office of bureau or request it via mail you can get it for free once every year. Keeping a tab on your credit history can be very beneficial to you.

Our staff will assist you in reviewing and appropriately updating your credit profile, including removing any negative ratings once the required payment is met. We will aid you in accelerating the rebuilding of your credit score with the help of secured credit cards and loans.