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DIVINE DEBT FREEDOM - Committed to bring Christians out of debt.


Many Christians feel guilty because they run up large debts and are unable to pay back the money to their creditors. Our Canadian forefathers provided our government with the wisdom to make suitable laws that provide relief for over-burdened debtors from part or all of their debts. These laws contemplate the forgiveness of debt.

There is light at the end of the tunnel! Christ is the light! Bankruptcy may not be the option! The Bible, likewise, contains debt forgiveness laws, which provides for the release of debts at the end of seven years (Duet 15:1-2). The Bible calls for freedom from bondage and usury (Duet 15:12-14) while permitting debtors to keep certain property. The Insolvency laws permit property exemption likewise. Debtors are given a fresh start and educated from getting into debt-bondage again. The Biblical law of mercy legally and morally calls for forgiveness of debt obligations (Luke 7:42). On an economic level, overburdened debtors graciously receive a fresh start.

Our modern laws seem connected with the Bible (Duet 15:1-2). While God gives Wisdom generously to those who ask with a trusting heart (James 1:5-7; Proverbs 3:5-6), the Bible admonishes us to seek Godly counsel (Psalms 1:1, Proverbs 12:15, 11:14, 15:22). If we confess our financial shortcomings to God, we can receive by faith His forgiveness (1 John 1:9)

remembering there is no condemnation or guilt to those in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).


PROBLEM ASSESSMENT: Every debtor receives a free, personal financial assessment clearly analyzing the causes and extent of debt burden and financial difficulty. Recovery options are clearly defined.

DIVINE DEBT FREEDOM PROGRAMS: Thee Proposal options are evaluated in detail. The benefits are enumerated in terms of dollar and percentage forgiveness that can be obtained legally. Credit history and recovery is explained. Upto 80% debt relief has been provided. The balance is payable in easy monthly interest-free instalments.

INFORMAL PROGRAMS: In exceptional cases, although very seldom, programs are designed to repay one or two creditors on an informal basis.

BANKRUPTCY: Although not the advised option, in a small minority of cases, where a proposal may prove to be unfeasible and even oppressive to the debtor, a bankruptcy may be the best option.



Thee most trusted name in credit counseling, Cletus Castelino enjoys a one reputation as a qualified and registered Insolvency Counselor. He is considered a pioneer in introducing Insolvency counseling services to the community in the GTA & across Canada. Since 1999, his clientele has consisted of individual debtors, families, business proprietors, business partners and small and medium sized corporations, all of whom have greatly benefitted by the freedom that they have received from their debt burdens. His assurance to his clients is best encapsulated in his slogan, "There is light at the end of the tunnel." This is based on his firm belief that it is God's desire to bring all His children to freedom from the captivity of usury and debt! He is best known for the high road he takes in adhering to the legal insolvency statutes while providing the most professional and personal attention to each of his clients. This has resulted in full client satisfaction and success. Cletus Castelino can be reached at (905) 848-0006 or

There is light at the
end of the tunnel!
Bankruptcy may not
be the option!
Christ is
the light!


Bruce Smith is a Biblebelieving man of God, ordained as Pastor by the Canadian Association of Ministers and Pastors. He has teamed up with Cletus Castelino to fully support the Divine Debt Freedom initiative to get Christians around the globe out of debt.

His ministry includes chaplaincy duties at the Hope Centre in downtown Toronto and groups of at-risk youths in the GTA.

He firmly believes God wants us to follow the "3:10 formula to nancial freedom" His other notable credentials: Former Pro- Argonauts Football Player, Top Selling Real Estate Salesman and Broker, Former V.P. of Motivation Exit Realty. Bruce Smith can be reached at (416) 278-8991 or


Divine Debt Freedom is committed to execute a dynamic plan to bring individuals, families, Partnerships and other businesses out of debt and its dangers. We over the Hope, which God gives to each of us freely. In every debt problem, we over light at the end of the tunnel! We provide the highest professional service standard and personal attention to every client. Bankruptcy is not the only option! There are easier and more meaningful ways. Fullling God's desire to free His people from debt, one person or business at a time!


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