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Mission Statement

At DDF Karzafree Credit, our team is dedicated to helping individuals, families, partnerships and businesses become debt-free. We work closely with our clients, maintain full confidentiality, and are committed to finding a solution for them.

We demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and provide personal attention to every client. We will find a meaningful and ethical resolution to your problem and help you regain the control in your life.

DDF Karzafree Credit guarantees:

  • Approval of all insolvency programs undertaken.
  • Maximum forgiveness of debts.
  • Easiest and most affordable monthly payment terms.


About Cletus Castelino

Cletus Castelino is a trusted registered credit counselor. Established in 1999, his vast experience has helped establish a reputed insolvency counseling practice.

Cletus identifies as a leader in introducing Insolvency counseling services within the GTA and across Canada. He proudly serves individual debtors, families, business proprietors, business partners and small and medium sized corporations. Through professional guidance and custom solutions, they have all significantly benefited from his services.

Cletus strongly believes that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and promises to help his clientele find a solution.

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History Recovery


Problem Assessment

Not knowing how to get rid of your debt can be overwhelming and have a severe impact on your life ? relationships, health and career. At DDF Karzafree Credit, our team of qualified professionals will help you escape the downward spiral and regain control of your life.

Debt Freedom

We understand the hardships associated with debt. We work solely for the interest of the debtor under the legal statutes that govern their case. DDF Karzafree Credit's programs are tailor-made to solve your specific financial problems.

Avoid Bankruptcy

At DDF Karzafree Credit we strongly believe that bankruptcy is not the option for you. In a moment of a financial crisis, many individuals and businesses believe that the only choice they have is to file for bankruptcy.



  • Mr. Castelino was the second Insolvency Counselor that I met. I was referred to him by a colleague who was determined that he could help. The guidance from Mr. Castelino relieved me from my bills. I learned how to manage my finances and now have a fund with savings as well. Thank you Mr. Castelino! I will definitely recommend you.

    Anoop Sharma

  • After a year, my business unfortunately began incurring losses. I wasn't sure how I would manage to pay off my debt with high living expenses. Cletus Castelino was able to tailor a specific plan for me, and within a couple of months I was out of debt. Thank you Cletus for assisting me on finding a solution.

    Li Nyugen

  • I would sincerely like to thank Mr. Castelino for helping me get debt-free. I was constantly under a lot of stress ? I couldn't sleep, eat or function normally. I was continuously thinking about how to pay off my debt while still being able to afford the daily necessities for my kids. Contacting Mr. Castelino proved to be very beneficial for me. I can't thank him enough for what he did for my family. I am now proudly debt-free and managing my finances with care.

    Sebastian Sanchez

  • I thought that the only option I had was to file bankruptcy until I got my free assessment done by DDF Karzafree Credit program. Thanks to the helpful staff, I was introduced to a formal program. My monthly payments reduced drastically and I had a longer period of time to pay my debt off. My sincere thanks to the entire team for helping me get my life back on track.

    Jin Y. Lee

  • My medium-sized business began incurring losses at a rate that I couldn't keep up with. After contacting DDF Karzafree Credit, the team assisted me in choosing an informed program. They were able to negotiate approval from my creditors, and thankfully I didn't have to deal with collection calls or legal threats. Thank you Mr. Castelino for assisting me at the right time.

    Camilia Martinez

  • The company I work at made wage cuts after the fiscal year, and I wasn't able to manage my expenses with my lower income. My bills began to pile up and before I knew it, I was in debt and facing high interest rates. After meeting Mr. Castelino, I was given a custom solution. I paid off my bills and now have altered my financial spending so my future can be secure. Thank you for your support.

    Valeria Roy

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